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My car - Seat Leon
This car is fully insured and is fitted
with dual controls for our safety.

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Wendys Driving School
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Eco Friendly Driving for Qualified Drivers


In this time of rising fuel prices I offer a structured course in Eco safe driving for the qualified driver. This will entail you learning how to block change, ie gear changing from 1st to 3rd then 5th or gear changing from say 5th to 2nd or even 1st.  You will learn to observe further ahead and plan your journey better.

Cars are designed to do this now and with practise it is a much safer and convenient way to drive. With driving in an eco friendly manner you should see an increase in your miles per gallon in your vehicle as opposed to driving in and unfriendly eco manner.

I can make you more aware of the mirrors that you check or don’t check and the correct time of when these checks should be done.
We will look at what you carry in or on your car and if there are any savings to be made here.  What condition are your tyres in.  Are they of the correct pressure?  Under inflated tyres use more fuel.  Do they need to be changed due to wear or age?

I can teach you about stop start technology and its benefits.
This can be in your own car at a cost of £40.00 for two hours or alternatively in my car, a 1.6TDI Seat Leon.  This will be at a cost of £50.00 I will require seeing your full driving licence before the course begins.


Gift vouchers are available for this course.